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Imagination is more important than knowledge - Albert Einstein

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Watering the Garden"Our son thrives on close friendships, the music and movement activities, art and nature projects, and active physical play inside and outdoors. In addition to reading books, Larissa enhances literacy experiences with dramatic reenactment, puppet plays and oral storytelling. She makes all families feel part of the school community. We've loved watching our son grow under her care." - Leslie M. (Stay-at-home parent)

"We love the way that outside play and the changing of the seasons is blended into puppet plays and art activities. Our daughter loves the way that Larissa incorporates singing into so many of the weekly and daily activities. She sings the "clean up" song to herself when she picks up her toys at home and the "bread making" song as she pretends to bake!" - Sarah W. (Artist)

Child with Rabbit"Hearts in Harmony" is an extension of a warm and caring home environment where, in addition to playing children engage in "real" activities, whether cooking, raking, harvesting, or even simple carpentry. The meals and snacks are wholesome and delicious. Larissa puts great emphasis on nature and spends much time outdoors with the children. Even after more than a year, my daughter is still eager to go visit whenever possible." - Alexandra B. (Biomedical Engineer)

"My daughter attended Larissa's program for several years, and was so happy to go there each day. She thrived in the warm home environment and enjoyed the various activities there including painting, music, and outdoor play. Larissa's experience as a parent and her insightful understanding of children was also helpful to me: I felt validated and supported in my parenting as well." - Elizabeth M. (Medical Writer)

"I love the play kitchen sooo much! I can be the mommy or whatever I want. The outside playtime is good. I collected sooo many pecans-I put them everywhere in my pockets. " - Iana L. (age 4)

"I love the wide variety of artwork my daughter brought home--these creations showed a learning in process that was full of wonder. The outdoor play area pulled me and my children in from the start. There are so many interesting aspects that beckon to a younger child to participate. The music circles that Larissa brings into the children's day elevates them into a cooperative group of learners; even the youngest among them is eager to take part in the band's rhythm. " - Aura L. (Iana's Mother)

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