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Wonder is the seed of knowledge - Francis Bacon

Annual Events


This is a very special day for children and we celebrate it at Hearts in Harmony by telling a “Birthday Story.” The children help make treats to share, and we sing to the birthday child. The family is invited to attend the celebration and share stories of the child’s first years. The child wears a special cape and birthday crown, and receives a gift from the teacher.


We celebrate the year’s seasons as a means of communing with the natural world, whose slower rhythms are often overshadowed by the instant gratification that modern manmade conveniences afford. The commercialism of the major holidays can take the beauty and wonder out of these special occasions.

Fall Lantern Walk Annual Trip, Pullen Park
Fall Festival: We celebrate the harvest by making a hearty soup that the children make together. This may be done in conjunction with Michaelmas, the festival celebrating the legend of St. Michael taming the dragon.
Lantern Walk:

Children make their lanterns. Families gather at night, listen to a story, light their lanterns, and walk through the darkness outside and sing. Afterwards, we gather around a fire and snack on roasted marshmallows, nuts, cookies, and freshly-pressed apple cider.

Afterwards, we gather around a fire and snack on roasted marshmallows, nuts, cookies, and apple cider. This coincides with the festival of St. Martinmas.

Spiral of Light: We create a reverent mood by walking through a spiral of evergreen boughs, lighting a candle along the way to celebrate the festival of lights held by many spiritual traditions near the time of the winter solstice.
Candlemas: We make candles by dipping wicks in molten beeswax, cooling and firming them in water, and coming back around to dip them again.
Spring Festival: In celebration of the earth’s awakening, we create miniature spring gardens, Festival and hunt for eggs and chicks.
May Day: We sing and dance around a traditional May Pole with a potluck picnic to follow.
End-of-Year Trip: We plan a special outing for all the families to enjoy before we break for the summer.

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