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Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning - Fred Rogers

Parent Support
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RLarissaegular communication between parent and teacher who work in tandem is vital to supporting the growth and development of the child. At Hearts in Harmony this occurs in several ways.

  1. Regular informal conversations with parents about their child(ren)’s experiences at Hearts in Harmony.

  2. E-mails about our activities and upcoming family & community events of interest.

  3. Parent-teacher conferences scheduled in October & March, and whenever specific concerns arise.

Additionally, because being a part of community feeds the human soul, Hearts in Harmony offers several family events throughout the year celebrating the seasons and for participating in the musical experiences children regularly enjoy at school. These may include a harvest dinner and/or lantern walk in the fall, festival of lights at Christmas & Hannukah; candle-making in February; springfest in April; and a Maypole Dance in May. Also, we hold family music gatherings at least once in fall, winter and spring, events where everyone can experience the joy of music-making.

Because Larissa believes that parents are the child's most important teachers, her work is as much about supporting, educating, and inspiring parents as it is about caring for their children. Parent evenings are scheduled through the year on topics of concern or interest to parents. This is to provide a forum for parents to discuss and learn about various issues relating to young children. Because of the abundance of perspectives on what's important for children, child-rearing can become an unnecessarily daunting and frustrating task for many who want to be the "best" parents. Having the opportunity to share in a supportive environment is one of the best forms of encouragement.

At Hearts in Harmony, there are opportunities for parents to contribute, volunteer or even barter their services in exchange for a reduction in fees should economic hardship necessitate doing so. While very occasionally parent workdays may be organized to help with labor-intensive tasks requiring group effort, ongoing individual contributions of service or items, such as food, gardening supplies or work, landscaping, website maintenance, skills in music or other arts, or professional expertise are always welcome and encouraged. Larissa believes that the giving and receiving of talents and resources in the context of a supportive and convivial community is spiritually nurturing for all. Ongoing contributions of all kinds of produce scraps such as apple cores, potato peelings, lettuce and vegetable scraps, etc. are always welcome as fresh/raw supplements for our chickens and bunnies. Children love to feed animals, and bringing these clippings/scraps provides them with the opportunity to share and contribute.

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