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The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct - Carl Jung

Our Program


AMaking Musics the name of our program suggests, music is an integral part of our day. Young children benefit tremendously from all forms of musical play, which is not limited to singing songs, but experienced also through movement and dance, making sounds with simple instruments and their bodies, nursery rhymes and chants, singing to transition gracefully through the day's activities, and even by listening to the prosodic elements of speech in storytelling.

Drawing upon her own musical training and dance background, and especially her experience teaching Music Together (an early childhood music program), Larissa incorporates opportunities for active listening, singing and movement throughout the day. Vitally interested in research on the developing brain, she appreciates the important role of auditory processing (which involves not only the ear but also the vestibular system) in sensory-motor integration and in the neural circuitry associated with emotional attunement and self-regulation. These relatively recent discoveries in neuroscience simply corroborate what mothers in all cultures have known for millennia: that music not only soothes a child, (or any human, for that matter), but is an enriching and integrating activity that promotes well-being.

Music making is one of the most joyful ways to connect with other human beings and for creating a sense of community. At Hearts in Harmony families have the opportunity to make music with their children at our special gatherings and festivals.


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